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The Faces of Margraten tribute has taken place twice so far, namelijk in 2015 and 2016. Respectively approximately 3,300 and 4,100 photos of U.S. WWII soldiers who have been either buried in or memorialized at the Netherlands American War Cemetery and Memorial were on displays. We gave a face to our liberators! You will find more information on and photos of both editions in our archives. Click one of the dates to go to the archive for that year.

May 2-5, 2015    May 1-5, 2016
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May 2-6, 2018    
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Would you like to contribute to keeping the memory alive? By donating just 12.50 dollars, you will enable us to give a face to one soldier. You can directly donate 12.50 dollars via your credit card or PayPal by clicking the button below. Click here if you want to read more or donate another amount. Thank you for your support!