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10,023 soldiers

On the American War Cemetery and Memorial Netherlands in Margraten, the Netherlands, 10,023 American soldiers have been buried or are memorialized on the Walls of The Missing. On these Walls of the Missing, the names can be found of 1,722 American soldiers whose bodies have not been recovered. The names of those whose bodies were recovered after ara marked by a rozet. In the cemetery 8,301 soldiers have been buried, of whom 106 have not been identified. Furthermore, in 40 cases two brothers have been buried together. Among those buried in the cemetery are also 4 women. Moreover, 6 soldiers who were awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest U.S. military award, have been buried in Margraten. Major General Maurice C. Rose, commander of the 3rd Armored Division is the highest in rank. Willis A. Utecht was buried in the cemetery in September 1994, making him the last soldier to be buried there.

A list with the names of all American soldiers who have been buried in or are memorialized on the Margraten Cemetery can be found on the website of the American Battle Monuments Commission, the U.S. government agency that maintains all overseas U.S. Cemeteries, which can be reached at More information and, in many cases, photos of the soldiers can also be found in the Fields of Honor - Database of our foundation, the Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven. We have selected the photos of some of them below. Click on their photos to read more about them in the Fields of Honor - Database. Are you still looking for a photo? Here is an overview of some resources that may help you in conducting research.

10,023 names, 10,023 faces: a selection

ADAIR William E MAR-G-5-9 02 BALDRY Floyd M MAR BARRY John K MAR-D-6-10 02 
Pvt William E. Adair  Sgt Floyd M. Baldry  Sgt John K. Barry
BOOK Sterling H Jr MAR-WOM 02 BURDGE Dorothy J MAR-B-7-4 02 CLABAUGH Paul H MAR-WOM 02
 2LT Sterling H. Book Jr.  Dorothy J. Burdge  S/Sgt Paul H. Clabaugh
HARPER Walter B MAR-D-16-4 02 HARTMANN Thomas E JR MAR-C-11-20 04 INGWERSON Lowell J MAR-A-19-2 03
T/5 Walter B. Harper Pfc Thomas E. Hartmann Jr Pfc Lowell J. Ingwerson
JOHNSTON William J MAR-I-9-16 02 Lajkowicz Joseph F 02 lichten leo 02
1LT William J. Johnston S/Sgt Joseph F. Lajkowicz Pfc Leo Lichten
MARCALETTI Angelo P MAR-N-1-11 02 WOLF Henry W MAR-K-2-22 02 MORRIS Robert F MAR-L-4-2 02
T/5 Angelo P. Marcaletti Pfc Henry W. Wolf 2LT Robert F. Morris
PASTRAS Peter A MAR-M-10-9 02 POTTS William D MAR-H-18-3 02 RISO Peter J MAR-C-9-28 03
1LT Peter A. Pastras Pfc William D. Potts Pvt Peter J. Riso
SMITH Don MAR-A-16-28 02 SMITH Robert O MAR-M-18-12 02 TUCK George E MAR-L-13-18 02
1LT Don Smith S/Sgt Robert O. Smith T/5 George E. Tuck
WADE Henry H MAR-K-1-17 02  
Pfc Henry H. Wade    


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The project The Faces of Margraten is a project by the Dutch non-profitorganization Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven (Foundation United Adopters American War Graves), whose aim it is to remember U.S. soldiers buried in various overseas American cemeteries. For more information please visit or visit our Fields of Honor - Database at